Loud Exhausts

As motorcyclists I am sure that many of us appreciate a nice deep exhaust note as much the next person but some of the banshee screams emanating from some bikes are plain anti-social. This article highlights the issue. Extract from Richmondshire Today online. Calls for vehicle-free days in Yorkshire Dales amid concern over noise from […]

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Other road users and how we view them

I’ve been asked to put some thoughts on paper around a subject that seems to be close to many road users’ hearts:- cyclists. Driving and riding is a microcosm of modern life where we are often interacting with other people with limited social contact, no time to get to know them as individuals and limited […]

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COVID-19 Restart Guidance – Motorcycle

IAM RoadSmart has announced that observed rides can resume from Monday 15th June, in England. This decision has been taken in line with the recent government announcement that non-essential shops can re-open from this date in England and their view is that this opens the way for non-essential trips. MBEAM will be following this advice […]

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