Folk come to MBEAM to do their advanced riding course and many stay to keep themselves riding at an advanced level by engaging with club rides, further training, and activities. To support this process IAM offers members a riding assessment which allows you to check your current skill level and/or go for a F1rst and to receive expert tips, all with no jeapordy to your membership status as an Advanced Rider. Assessment rides can be booked through IAM:

Members Riding Assessments

A further option to consider is doing a Masters course, the highest civilian riding qualification. The first step is to book a Masters taster session which is the perfect way to have your current skills assessed versus the Masters before committing to the full course. Spend an enjoyable hour or two riding out with one of our Mentors or Examiners and receive a focussed summary of how you performed and your current skill levels in relation to the Masters standard. For more information:

IAM Masters

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