It’s a fact that if you don’t use your skills they get rusty, and eventually you lose them. So…as a rust preventer, MBEAM offers a chance for you to maintain and enhance all the skills that you learned when you passed your IAM Advanced Bike Test.

It’s called the Full Members’ Group and will regularly take small groups of members (up to 8) out for a ride of 50+ miles followed by a coffee/tea stop and a chat. Everyone gets a chance to ride at the front to demonstrate their skills and some time in the group watching what everyone else does. The aim is that we all learn from each other.

The chat will look at the ride, review hazards which were encountered, and discuss the ways in which we could deal with things differently. Led by an experienced MBEAM National Observer, who is often a Masters graduate, the goal is to really polish everyone’s ride so they are as good as they can personally be.

Some people may go on to be Observers or do their Masters. This group is not intended as preparation for either, but polishing your Advanced skills, learning a few more refinements, and becoming an instinctive, natural and fluent Advanced rider, won’t harm either.

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