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Has anybody else had problems with changing to Fellow with the IAM. I've so far received 3 'Welcome to the IAM' packs containing the initial pass certificate, an exact (except for the date) copy of the certificate I received when I first passed. The last of the three was however printed on paper with the IAM Fellow logo at the top, but with the same wording as the others, welcoming me to the IAM as a full member. It has also taken 3 months and a half dozen emails and phone calls to get them to correctly add my name to the Fellows Register.

Are RoSPA as confused? 

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Normally the IAM are pretty good, but during the last 18 months, probably due to COVID with many working from home, the IAM have occasionally had Admin issues.

When it comes to Admin, RoSPA can be just as bad. There have been lots of complaints on social media regarding them not replying to queries. Again, II expect it is due to staff working from home.

I've never had any problems with either organisation.




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