I know, it’s a shame we need one but just to make things really clear . . .

When on an observed ride or group rideout, the Associate and all other riders are deemed to be in control of their own vehicle at all times, and neither the group known as Morecambe Bay Estuaries Advanced Motorcyclists or an individual Observer are responsible for an Associate’s actions. The Associate’s motorcycle must be in a roadworthy condition, properly and legally insured to comply with all the appropriate UK legal requirements. The Associate also understands that it is their responsibility to ensure that they have a current driving licence applicable to the motorcycle they are riding. The Associate will comply with all the appropriate UK laws and regulations governing their vehicle and the rules of the Highway Code.

Essentially what this means is that you ride for yourself, don’t expect the Observer to take responsibility for you (remember, this is Advanced riding, not basics) and keep your bike roadworthy and documentation up to date.



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