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Registration for the website is by request only. If you do not have a login, or are having problems logging in then please email [email protected] This website is here for our members to use and is a large part of how we communicate with you, so please also email if you have any suggestions for improvements.

The login page is as the image below:

If you have forgotten your password, use the ‘Lost your password?’ link and this will allow you to reset it.

Forum Menu

Once you are logged in you will see several new menu items, as below:

These are mainly self-explanatory but just in case:
  • Forums – our forums, though most information posted here is also on Facebook
  • Members – a list of members for the forums
  • Members’ Resources – this links to a page that contains information such as AGM documents, Newsletters, a link to our Regalia website etc.
  • MBEAM Routes – links to a map showing routes submitted by members
  • Recent Posts – recent forum posts
  • My Profile – your forum profile
  • Logout – allows you to log out of the site
  • CiviCRM – most of you will not see this option as it is only used by those needing to administer our membership database

Events and Bookings

There is one other area of the website that requires you to be logged in and that is the Events Booking system. Anyone can view the events by using either of the two menu options from the menus at the top of the web page. These show either a calendar view or an events listing. The calendar view shows all events and the listing only shows upcoming events.

Events listed include Breakfast meetings held throughout the year at various locations, skills sessions, ride outs, trips and tours. All events, apart from breakfasts, need to be booked so that we can plan for attendance.

Remember that you need to be logged in to book an event. When you click through to an event that needs a booking you will see the following:

As you can see the example above is for a post-breakfast ride out on 10 April next year. The listing gives a time, date, location and details of the event. Once we get nearer to this event the details of the ride will be added.

To book onto the event, just choose the number of spaces that you would like to book, this is per bike not per person, so if you have a pillion only one space is needed, then add any comments and click the send your booking button. This will inform our Events Coordinator that you have requested a place and this will be accepted in due course. You will receive an email confirmation of the booking and again when it is accepted.

Once you have sent your booking request, the Bookings section on the event page will show a link for you to manage your booking, e.g. if you need to cancel. Please do cancel your booking if you can’t make it as some events will have restricted numbers and there may be others who could attend.

The final section on the page shows a list of Attendees who are already booked onto the event.

If you have any problems with bookings then please email either [email protected] or [email protected]



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