Full Members’ Group

It’s a fact that if you don’t use your skills they get rusty, and eventually you lose them. So…as a rust preventer, MBEAM offers a chance for you to maintain and enhance all the skills that you learned when you passed your IAM Advanced Bike Test. It’s called the Full Members’ Group and will regularly […]

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Further Assessment & Training

Folk come to MBEAM to do their advanced riding course and many stay to keep themselves riding at an advanced level by engaging with club rides, further training, and activities. To support this process IAM offers members a riding assessment which allows you to check your current skill level and/or go for a F1rst and […]

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IAM RoadSmart Activity Advice

In line with IAM RoadSmart advice based on the latest Government guidelines, we are able to restart observed rides for those Associates and Observers living in Cumbria, which is Tier 2. Alas Lancashire residents and Observers, who are in Tier 3, will have to keep their powder dry for a while longer.

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Loud Exhausts

As motorcyclists I am sure that many of us appreciate a nice deep exhaust note as much the next person but some of the banshee screams emanating from some bikes are plain anti-social. This article highlights the issue. Extract from Richmondshire Today online. Calls for vehicle-free days in Yorkshire Dales amid concern over noise from […]

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Other road users and how we view them

I’ve been asked to put some thoughts on paper around a subject that seems to be close to many road users’ hearts:- cyclists. Driving and riding is a microcosm of modern life where we are often interacting with other people with limited social contact, no time to get to know them as individuals and limited […]

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COVID-19 Restart Guidance – Motorcycle

IAM RoadSmart has announced that observed rides can resume from Monday 15th June, in England. This decision has been taken in line with the recent government announcement that non-essential shops can re-open from this date in England and their view is that this opens the way for non-essential trips. MBEAM will be following this advice […]

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