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Your journey to being an Advanced Rider starts here with our IAM Advanced Rider Course.


Whichever area of your riding that you're looking to improve, our course brings you to an advanced level, helping you to get more out of riding and preparing you for any on-road scenario. For more details and to book the course with us, visit - IAM Advanced Rider.

Once you have booked the course, you will be allocated to one of our experienced Observers, who will arrange with you a mutual time and place to begin with your first session. Our courses usually consist of five sessions learning the core system and developing your advanced riding skills, followed by an assessment ride with a different Observer to decide with you whether you are ready to take the Advanced Rider test. If you're not quite ready, this isn't a problem, as we can add further sessions to work on whatever is required to be ready.

We find that for most people, having sessions on a weekly basis works best as it allows time for practice between sessions but doesn't leave a long gap that loses momentum and allows skill levels to decline. Generally, the six sessions will be completed in between six and ten weeks. Good progress and results do however, rely on you putting in the practice.

If you would like to see what it's all about before you sign up for the course, we are happy to take you for a no-strings-attached ride to see if it is for you. Just drop us a message using the contact form and we'll arrange it for you as soon as we can.

Once you have completed your course, we offer further help to build on the skills you have developed, including:

  • Full Members' Rides - riding in small groups with other members to develop on-road skills through mutual discussion of riding scenarios and application of advanced riding principles.

  • Skill Sessions - such as slow manoeuvring 

There is also the opportunity to become an Observer or take the IAM Masters course once you have passed the Advanced Course.

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