Date(s) - 13/02/2022
10:30 am - 12:00 pm

Wilfs Cafe

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Many of us have helmet comms/music/intercoms but increasingly few are set up to communicate bike-to-bike.  There are occasions when being able to communicate bike-to-bike makes a lot of sense such as observed rides, ride-outs, and trips.  Equally I appreciate that there are those who cherish the relative silence in their helmet!

There are currently several systems in use by members including channel 11 (Kenwood radios), Bluetooth and mesh systems (Cardo & Sena).  We have no intention of prescribing any one system, but we would like to get as many people as possible, who wish to be, connected in whatever way works for them so we stand a greater chance of getting ride leaders in touch with tail enders and observers with associates.

Mbeam already has a stock of Kenwood radios which we are setting up with new batteries and looking to trial with Bluetooth senders (Interide) that can be paired with most known helmet mounted Bluetooth devices.  We will play with this set up on this day and if we like it, we will supply our observers with this system which will be compatible with the channel 11 set up used by longer standing Mbeamers.

In addition, those of us with proprietary units such as Cardo & Sena can also hook up using either Bluetooth and/or Mesh. Once set up these connections should in theory be easy to re-establish for ride outs and such.

We are running this event as despite all good intentions to do so, we never seem to get around to putting the time in to get connected. So come along, push some buttons, and get connected!


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