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Mike Twistleton


I started riding in 1968 on BSA D1 Bantam: thought it was “bee’s knees” at the time. I still have the same Bantam, which gets ridden occasionally.

I have had various motorcycles since though with a big period without one in the middle. I now ride BMWs: they have mainly been RTs (armchair on wheels), but now I have a GS which is wonderful: so well balanced and responsive.

I got into Advanced Riding owing to getting caught speeding on the Wirral: 37mph in 30mph zone. I was so angry with myself, largely as I had missed all the formal and informal speed signs. No more! So, after the Speed Awareness course, I decided to do some more training. I’ve done both IAM and RoSPA.

Training and the system etc was a revelation. It leads to much better riding (skills and enjoyment) as well as much improved judgement. I still make poor decisions sometimes, but they just serve to improve future judgement.

I really enjoy observing, supporting associates in their development towards areas they want to improve.

Mike Twistleton
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