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Richard Sharp


I was a late starter, and only learned to ride at the age of 40 because I wanted to buy this really cool looking Harley I’d seen. I didn’t actually know the first thing about bikes - if I had, I wouldn’t have bought 1450cc’s of heavy iron just a week after tearing up my L plates.


Still, I loved the bike and soon got hooked on long distance touring, clocking up something like 25 countries across 4 continents before eventually changing to a GS and discovering I wasn’t quite as bad at going round corners as I thought!


When Covid hit and the big trips got put on hold, I looked for a different type of ‘biking challenge’ and came across MBEAM. The advanced course completely transformed my riding and took biking to a whole new level of enjoyment.


I was delighted to gain a F1RST pass, and a couple of years later I decided that becoming an Observer would be a great way to share the benefits of advanced riding as well as keeping my own skills up to scratch.

Richard Sharp
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