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Steve Ingle

National Observer

I first started riding at 16 in 1980 on a Suzuki AP50 with dropped handlebars and a maximum speed of 53 mph…downhill, it smelt beautiful. As soon as I was 17, I saved £200 and purchased a Yamaha RD250. On the day of my test, the indicators stopped working so I had to completely remove them and then it began to snow. I dropped the bike in front of the examiner and he still passed me. “Well done Steven for switching the emergency stop off”

I have owned many bikes my favourite being the Kawasaki ZZR 1400, a rocket on wheels!

I passed my advanced test around 10 years ago and soon became a National Observer for the IAM. I love to teach advanced riding and watching riders enjoying using the skills I have passed on.

Steve Ingle
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